Partner Spotlight

Wright Brothers Construction

Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc. is headquartered in Charleston, TN. and has over half a century of experience completing some of the most challenging projects across the Southeast from moving millions of cubic yards of excavation in Alabama to spanning rivers in Virginia.

Wright Brothers is an ever-evolving Christian-owned business steeped in the traditional core values of integrity, urgency, selflessness, and hard work. They are committed to getting the job done and getting it done right. Wright Brothers employ skilled and experienced construction professionals. They employ around 700 people in peak season and attract the best. Opportunity in the growing construction industry is tremendous.

A big reason the PIE Innovation Center exists is because of the support and dedication from Steve Wright and Wright Brothers Construction. Through collaboration with the school system, Wright Brothers Construction is working with students to train heavy equipment operating skills to help build a pipeline for their future workforce. Wright Brothers Construction will have a dedicated space in the PIE Center where they will continue training students to enter the construction industry.

Wright Brothers is currently in its 3rd semester of a PIE Pilot Program. Through this semester-long program, students are trained on safety procedures and operating heavy equipment through simulations and actual hands-on operating. Wright Brothers has already offered a number of students jobs after the pilot program. The partnership with Wright Brother Construction is mutually beneficial.

“The internship at Wright Brothers during the last semester of my senior year changed my life. I was offered a job after graduation at the age of 18. My future is forever changed and the skills that I learned are invaluable. Thank you Wright Brothers and Bradley County Schools for this amazing opportunity.” – Bradley Central Student, 2021