Online Room Reservations

Welcome to the Bradley County Schools Online Room Reservation Platform.

Bradley County Schools Online Room Reservation Platform is now open. All room reservations require approval.

Bradley County Schools Online Room Reservation Platform Link -
To get started with a reservation:
Go to You must register to use the Bradley County Schools Online Room Reservation Platform. Please click the Register link and complete the Registration Form (for first-time users). Bradley County Schools will only use this information for reservation purposes.
Once you have registered and have logged into the system. To start a reservation, at the top of the page select Reservations > Schedule. Click and drag your requested times for the selected room. Locations are listed in the drop-down menu at the top of the page. Available rooms are located by the site. You will receive an email when the reservation has been accepted/denied.
Room availability is subject to change. If you have any issues with the platform, please contact Scott Webb at
NOTE: Some of the locations at PIE may require a fee for use. Once a reservation is placed, someone will contact you with specifics related to potential costs.

The following locations are available for reservations:

Bradley County Schools Central Office

Bradley County Schools Board of Education Room*
Small Conference Room*
Bradley County Schools Annex Training Room*
*only available to BCS employees

PIE Center - Conclave

PIE Center - Core
Rymer Conference Room
Recording Studio

(Core Classrooms will be available at a later date)

PIE Center - Compass

Compass Conference Room
Compass Training Room - Full Training Space
Compass Training Room - Large Training Room
Compass Training Room 1
Compass Training Room 2
Compass Training Room 3
Compass Training Room 4
Compass Training Room 5
Compass Training Room 6
Dual Enrollment Classroom 1
Dual Enrollment Classroom 2
Dual Enrollment Classroom 3

PIE Center - Facility Classrooms

Bradley County Virtual School