Mint Condition Commercial Cleaning


Address: 2319 Parker St. NE, Cleveland TN 37311

Phone Number: 423-241-3927

Fax Number:

Business Description:

Mint Condition Commercial Cleaning is a family-owned and operated company proudly serving all of East Tennessee. Mint Condition has been in business since 1996 with proven longevity and stability. We have been out-performing the competition locally for well over a decade. We pride ourselves on our dedication to detail, and compassion for cleanliness. We focus on the health and wellness aspects of the janitorial profession. We believe by providing top-notch service- using state-of-the-art equipment, hospital-grade chemicals, and maintaining open lines of communication we can edify a company’s environment. A clean and healthy facility means fewer staff absences, creating higher productivity which in turn generates greater revenue for your company.
We are committed to excellence and strongly support our local schools and community. We are grateful for our “piece of the PIE”.
Contact Blake Brafford to learn more about franchise opportunities in a recession-proof industry and our higher standards of janitorial services.

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